Prenatal Care Locations


Our family doctors work out of five clinic locations. You will attend all your prenatal appointments at a single location.


Please contact the clinic of your choice directly to set up an appointment.

You do not have to be referred by another doctor.

Prenatal Care Locations Map

1) St. Joe’s Urban Family Health Team - link to Family Medicine

T: 416-530-6860 F: 416-530-6160

30 The Queensway Toronto, M6R 1B5

  • Dr. Daphne Williams

  • Dr. Sofia Khan

  • Dr. Merry Maclellan

  • Dr. Dana Newman

  • Dr. Judy Thompson


2) Citrus Medical

T: 416-800-6500 F: 416-342-1790

a) 2240 Lake Shore Blvd W #107 Etobicoke, M8V 0B1

b) 605 Royal York Rd Etobicoke, ON M8Y 2G5

  • Dr. Merry Maclellan

  • Dr. Emily McDonough

  • Dr. Aaren Grigg


3) Prince Edward Medical

T: 647 345 3048 F: 647 345 3058

324 Prince Edward Dr S, Toronto, ON M8Y 3Z5

  • Dr. Sandy Tecimer

  • Dr. Olya Keenan

  • Dr. Linda Wong

  • Dr. Laura Quigley


4) The Four Villages CHC

T: 416-604-3362  F: 416-604-3365

3446 Dundas Street West, Toronto, M6S 2S1

  • Dr. Kiara Smith


5) Village Family Health Team

T: 416-599-8348 F: 416-599-2001

171 East Liberty Street, Unit 102, Toronto, M6K 3P6

  • Dr. Rachna Chari

  • Dr. Shawna Irons

Labour and Delivery

Our patients give birth at the FBC (labour and delivery ward) at St. Joseph’s Health Centre, Toronto.

Family Birthing Centre (FBC) - link to FBC

30 The Queensway, Toronto, ON M6R 1B5

The Family Birthing Centre is located on the first floor of the Our Lady of Mercy wing, in the new wing of St. Joseph’s Health Centre.

Open 24/7 for pregnancy emergencies.

If you are over 20 weeks pregnant, and have an obstetrical emergency or think you are in labour, please present to the Family Birthing Centre.

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