Helpful Information

Not all information on the internet is equally reputable!

Before you get lost in the abyss of conflicting information online, take a look at these evidence based resources.




Quick Pregnancy Guide


A brief 2 page handout on all the basic information you need to know at the start of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Info

Easy to use, and comprehensive website by Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada. Just about everything you need to know about pregnancy; preconception, tests in pregnancy, all about labour and delivery, bringing baby home, and post-partum recovery.

Pregnancy Info

This Ontario resource is all about pregnancy, and what to expect at each stage. Prior to getting pregnant, tests in pregnancy, all about labour and delivery, bringing baby home, and post-partum recovery.

Prenatal Screening

Prenatal Screening Ontario

Learn about your options in Ontario regarding screening for certain genetic conditions in your baby.


Vaginal Birth After C-Section


Information about risks and benefits of attempting a vaginal birth after c-section, versus scheduling a repeat c-section. Published by BC Children and Women’s Hospital in Vancouver.

Working during Pregnancy


Information about safety of working while pregnant, and when it’s time to stop or adjust your work.

Family Birthing Centre - St. Joe’s Toronto

Family Birthing Centre

Having your baby at St. Joe’s Toronto. The Family Birthing Centre offers on-site prenatal classes, which also include an in-person tour of the facilities. Take a look at this website to familiarize yourself with the hospital, and take a video ‘virtual tour’.



Breastfeeding Help in Toronto

Toronto Breastfeeding Resources

Learning to breastfeed can a challenge. This website lists free local breastfeeding clinics to help your in person, as well as containing lots of helpful advice on optimizing breastfeeding, as well as technicalities of pumping and storing milk.

Caring for Kids

Information about infant, toddler and child health and safety published by the Canadian Pediatrics Society. Learn about feeding, healthy sleep, common illnesses, immunizations, parenting and much more.

About Kids Health

Published by SickKids hospital, this website contains high quality information all about children. As well as general health advice, you can search for resources on specific conditions if your child has been diagnosed with something by your doctor and you would like to learn more.